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In 2016 the Van Dam Foundation supported the following projects.

1.Donation of books to the University of Los Banos, The Philippines

Through Lowela Padilla from the Institute of Human Nutrition and Food, College of Human Ecology, University of the Philippines in Los Banos, the University Library received support to purchase several study books related to agriculture, nutrition and health. These books supported the Institute’s effort to train future nutrition experts who will strengthen the implementation of nutrition related programmes in The Philippines for improved nutrition. For the list of books, see this List of Books.

2. Fellowship to Dr Laura Trijsburg to attend the Agriculture, Nutrition and Health Academy

Dr Laura Trijsburg, Division of Human Nutrition, Wageningen University, was granted a fellowship to visit the AHN Academy Week which was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 20-24 June 2016. This provided dr Trijsburg a great opportunity to gain interesting insights in the scope and current knowledge of research performed in the food systems field of agriculture, nutrition and health. She stated that she had returned with a broader understanding of this topic and used this in the projects she was working on. In her current project she was generating a general overview of methods and important indicators for characterising healthy diets (the outcome of food systems) with special attention to its application in the context of low and middle income countries.

Dr Trijsburg presented her experiences in the AHN Academy Week during the weekly Nutrition and Health over the Life course chair group meetings on Thursday 1st September 2016. The presentation generated an interesting discussion about the applicability of the food system approach, its multidisciplinary nature and the role of nutritionists in such projects. Further more it created awareness and understanding of the work Dr Trijsburg was currently doing.   For the presentation, see this ppt_ANH_week.  

3. Handi-capable Program  of  Harapan Baru Lombok

The Handi-Capable program has been active on Lombok since 2015. The goal of this program is to support the disabled population on Lombok by helping them to engage in micro-enterprise. This allows them to employ themselves within their small businesses. At present, 12 participants have been helped through the program. After evaluation of the first two groups, the program has been redesigned to include life skills coaching and consumption support. Together with the micro-enterprise development, these activities will help the participant and family to gain control of their lives.

Micro-Enterprise Creation allows the disabled participant to develop their own economic activities, and thereby gain more (economic) independence and self-reliance. To do this we want to give the participant technical skill training, an asset transfer and coaching while developing their business.

Life skills coaching will allow the participant and his / her family to re-evaluate their life choices, learn about several options that they might have to improve their and be coached / supported through the process of changing their lifestyle.

Consumption support will give the participant and his / her family some breathing space by providing for their daily needs. This frees them up to focus fully on our program.

The Van Dam Foundation supported the Handi-capable programme of the Harapan Baru Lombok by sponsoring (a part of) the micro-enterprise program and life-skill coaching program.

4. Dutch Water Limited, second support

After the successful support in 2015, the total amount allocated to DWL was not fully spent and based on a new proposal, the Van Dam Foundation continued to support DWto purchase a TukTuk (a Piaggio tri-wheeler pick-up) that would enhance the distribution of clean drinking water more efficiently and cheaper. The vehicle is used in  Bamburi, Kenya, a densely populated area in the county of Mombassa, at about 10 km dista20161012_092914nce to Dutch Water Limited Company. For pictures see: 20161012_093002 20161012_092823 20161012_092946