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Course – Food System for Sustainable and Healthier Diets

The Van Dam Foundation is offering two fellowships for the international course Food System for Sustainable and Healthier Diets, held 12 February – 5 March 2024. This course is a joint effort between the Division of Human Nutrition and Health of Wageningen University and the Wageningen Centre of Development Innovation, Wageningen Research. The course is part of the academic programme and brings master students and professionals together in the classroom.

This full time blended course, with 2 weeks online and 1 week in the Netherlands, explores food systems from a dietary perspective. Starting at existing dietary gaps for different populations we will be back casting into the food system to discuss issues related to consumer behaviour, food environments, food supply chains and drivers at national, regional and global level that are linked to these dietary gaps. We will discuss possible actions to be taken to transform the food system for addressing the gaps and how these actions can be leveraged in a sustainable way.

The training approach for this course is interactive and experience-based: it provides the participants with the possibility to learn from expert facilitators as well as from each other. Especially the combination between professionals and students will offer the participants an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas. Transfer in knowledge goes hand in hand with several learning activities: (i) lectures, (ii) independent study, (iii) group work, and (iv) reflection. These activities are used to give you the opportunity to design a food environment innovation for a specific country together with your fellow students.

Upon completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Summarize the components, activities and stakeholders of food systems, and their interconnections with healthier and sustainable diets;
  • Explain the concept of food environment, the drivers of consumer food choices and the challenges and trade-offs in these when transforming to healthier and sustainable diets;
  • Design a food environment innovation for healthier and sustainable diets using food system thinking;
  • Perform independently reflective learning at the personal and group level.

For more details on the course please visit the course website through this link.

Applicants should be should be young professionals (up to 35 years) from Africa and have at least an MSc or an equivalent academic qualification in the field of food and nutrition, food science, home economics, agriculture, medicine or a related field of study.

The scholarships will be awarded to candidates fulfilling the above criteria and who are not able to finance their participation or get it financed by their employer. Please describe in your motivation why his course is important for your personal development and how it will contribute to your work, career, and country. Also include in your motivation how the acquired knowledge and skills will benefit others.

Interested please register at WCDI through this link and mention the Van Dam Foundation under the financial arrangements. On the financial arrangement page click the option “I already have an alternative confirmed sponsor” and under name of sponsor mention “Van Dam Foundation” and diane.bosch@wur.nl by the email of the contact person. In case you do not employer please this page with N/A.

Closing date is 9 of January 2024.